PORTA9 CD: Spoils & Relics - Embed and then forget


Spoils & Relics are Gary Myles, Kieron Piercy, and Johnny Scarr.

Embed and then forget: 31’21”

Edition of 150 (hand numbered).

CD comes with a screenprinted foldable cover inside a thick PVC sleeve. Screenprinted and glassmastered CD.


“ [...] The louder edges of improvised music, jumping around with loud crackles, high end, feedback like sounds, and sometimes continuous drone like sounds. Sometimes it sounds like it has been recorded coming from speakers well below the ground, and sometimes it's right in your ear, piercing, loud. And sometimes not at all and it's introspective and quiet. This is music I quite enjoy a lot as it reminds me of indeed of VA AA LR, BMB con or Kapotte Muziek - that more exciting end of improvised electro acoustic music combined with noise, silence, electronics and electrics. Spoils & Relics play some intense music at that, keeping a keen ear for swift changes, slightly more extended passages and such like; it forms a very vibrant piece of music. The only sad thing seems to be that it's all a bit too brief for my taste. [...] ”

Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly #954

“ [...] There is a constant flow of ideas all itchy with life; reminding me of a similar feeling – running your finger over a gravestone, nails gouging the names. I’m caught up in a multi-sensory melting of meaning into a constant ‘now’. A narrative presents some radio play: a potting shed séance, some misunderstanding over an old diary entry resulting in a bonfire of photos and trinkets. All the while a refreshing pessimism is overlaid across the fragile mung like soft wounds knitting new skin.

With a sharp, flinty ‘Kaakk’ the record whizzes to a close. Man. I gotta jam this disc again and again.

Listeners who favour that hi-fidelity will be delighted. Beards who dwell in the no-fi world of clanking tape jizz are going to be entranced. Skronk fans will be be-calmed. Zen droners will wake up refreshed and sharp.

Embed and then forget, a disc for all seasons. A lesson for all [...] ”

Joe Murray in Radio Free Midwich